Top 10 Important SEO Factors in Web Design

Posted on: September 12th, 2016 by Dheeraj

The SEO Industry has become complex and challenging, as there are thousands of companies offering and guaranteeing quality SEO services. Internet being widely accepted as the medium of information exchange and increase in web traffic has lead firms to race for high rankings in the popular search engines. The major top ten SEO factors in We Design are:

Title tag

Title Tag is the main text of an online document and Title elements define the elements of a document. “70 characters” is a standard length for a tag line. It displays at three key places: browsers, search engine results page, and external websites. Title tag should be concise as it creates value for the user.

Quality Content of Page

SEO design should be “Content Centric” and it should match vocabulary of the consumer, which they generally use for searching. The content should be always easy, informative, relevant, and valuable associated with keyword. The content should not be more than 200 words per page and should natural links with better use of impression to convert visitors into customers.

H1, H2, H3 Tags

H1 headline is the most important headline of the page and describes what the company is about, and what does it do. H2 tags support SEO, help to build a good web design and related to search of popular keywords used by users.H3 tags increase ranking by providing information to users in easy form.

URL Structure

URL should be SEO friendly. A URL Structure should be straightforward and URL names should be meaningful. They should not have duplicate content but name should focus on keywords without numbers and punctuation marks. Having a SEO friendly URL means easy, minimal, helping the site to rank higher in search results.

Number of Inbound Links

The number of websites links that had posted in the page or domain increases the rank of the website. However, these links should be of reputable websites. The more links the website gets, the more valuable is the content to be by search engines.

Websites should try to get quality links, as they are important to be adding on the list

Effective Meta Descriptions

A well-written Meta description can enhance the rating results of your page. They should not be more than 160 characters including spaces. It should be welcoming for the visitors by articulating your value proposition in such a way that conveys your message of offering. It should be unique and distinct from your competitors.

Good Social Media Strategy

To upgrade your ranking, interaction with social media is an important aspect for SEO. You should always share valuable and informative content with your followers. Google Plus accelerates the ranking in results. So, develop an innovative and interesting content from good sources, which generates more visitors to your website.

Speedy and prompt Web Server

Any website gets loads of web traffic when it is fast and provides apt information without any complexity. Therefore, the hosting provider plays an important role in making your website meeting the standards. Slow web server response and time delay page affects your strategy. In order to save your website from this struggle, look for a good website hosting provider

Light Weight Pages

Companies should have a lightweight version website, which have clean html, pictures in low resolution, important but less information, optimized images, and minimal java script. Website should tabulate information in CSV and XML formats use small file formats. These details if focused on would result in fast opening of pages.

Keyword Groupings

As it is difficult to recognize the keywords, the solution is to add strong tags to your content. It is a way to help search engines to search for your page. You can use bold words, span tags or any other form keyword groupings. Keywords are the core aspect of SEO. Keywords solve the riddle of the search.